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Experience the power of Reishi Mushroom, a superior medicinal elixir that supports overall health and vitality.


  • 2 Vegetarian Capsules providing 1g of Organic Reishi Mushroom
  • U.S. Grown and standardized to 40% polysaccharides
  • Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Vegan
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Reishi Mushroom helps support a balanced immune response, cardiovascular health under stress, and age-affected cognitive health. By aiding the body's natural ability to respond to stress, it promotes energy, stamina, and overall wellness. This nutrient-rich mushroom also supports endocrine and hormonal balance, making it an essential addition to your daily routine.

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  • Reishi for Anti-Cancer Activity

    Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies has demonstrated that reishi possesses potential anticancer activity through immunomodulatory, anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic, anti-metastatic, and anti-angiogenic effects.

  • Reishi for Sleep

    Study results showed that reishi promotes sleep through mice's gut microbiota-dependent and serotonin-associated pathways.

  • Reishi for Cardiovascular Health

    Some studies found that G. lucidum prevented from heart damage in a variety of disease models, such as streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic, high-fat-diet-induced diabetic, isoprenaline (ISO)-induced myocardial hypertrophy, acute ethanol-induced heart toxicity, and transverse aortic constriction (TAC) models.

  • Reishi as Functional Foods

    A study provides an extensive overview of the nutraceutical value of Ganoderma lucidum and the development of commercial functional food.

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