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Introducing our Skin Firming Cream, a specially formulated cream designed to support your skin's natural beauty.


  • Firms and tones for a youthful complexion
  • Hydrates and replenishes the skin
  • Supports the skin's natural regeneration process
  • Enhances the appearance of lips

Our Skin Firming Cream combines DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, and Coenzyme Q10 to provide you with an effective skincare solution. DMAE helps make the skin look firmer and more toned, Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and replenished, and Coenzyme Q10 supports the skin's natural regeneration process. Users have reported a refined texture around the neck and jawline, supple and toned skin, improved firmness and tone around the eye area, and enhanced appearance of lips. Experience the benefits of our Skin Firming Cream and achieve a more youthful and defined look. Note that results may vary, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Made in the USA.

  • DMAE For Skin Firming

    Some studies suggest potential benefits of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) for improving skin appearance, Here's a breakdown: Positive Findings: Some studies: Showed improvement in skin firmness, elasticity, and wrinkles after topical application of DMAE compared to placebo. Specific studies: Reported visible tightening and lifting effects, particularly in the forehead and periorbital areas. Proposed mechanisms: DMAE may increase acetylcholine levels, stimulating collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer and smoother skin.

  • The Role Of Dimethylaminoethanol In Cosmetic Dermatology

    A placebo-controlled trial has shown that 3% DMAE facial gel is safe and effective in reducing forehead lines and periorbital wrinkles, improving lip shape and fullness, and enhancing the overall appearance of aging skin, with its benefits including potential anti-inflammatory effects and increased skin firmness, though further studies are needed to fully understand its mechanisms and compare its efficacy with other skincare regimens.

  • Efficacy of a Topical Dimethylaminoethanol and L-Ascorbic Acid Combination

    This review focuses on the efficacy of 2-dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) in skincare, emphasizing its precursor role to acetylcholine and its potential in regulating cellular processes. A placebo-controlled trial has shown that a 3% DMAE facial gel significantly reduces forehead lines and periorbital wrinkles, improves lip shape and fullness, and enhances the overall appearance of aging skin without adverse effects. Long-term use of up to one year is deemed safe. DMAE also exhibits moderate anti-inflammatory properties and increases skin firmness, indicating its involvement in acetylcholine-mediated skin functions. Further research is necessary to compare DMAE's effectiveness with other skincare treatments.

  • Multivitamins and Stress

    Micronutrient supplementation has a beneficial effect on perceived stress, mild psychiatric symptoms, and aspects of everyday mood in apparently healthy individuals. Supplements containing high doses of B vitamins may be more effective in improving mood states.

  • Multivitamins for Pregnancy

    Maternal ingestion of prenatal multivitamins is associated with a decreased risk for pediatric brain tumors, neuroblastoma, and leukemia.

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